07 January

ELKO EP will open a new franchise in Serbia. Promising region, says owner.

Serbia has become another country in which the Czech company ELKO EP will open a franchise. One of the world's le...

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05 January

The ELKO EP ride continues. Newly opened branch in Britain

ELKO EP will open its fourteenth worldwide branch at the beginning of next year. This time in the United Kingdom - in...

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30 November

What unites the Czech Republic, Chaplin and the Kazakh Almaty?

When you drive through the Kazakh countryside, you feel that you have gone back in time a few decades. You pass herds...

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09 November

The story of the Czech relay that conquered the world

However, this is exactly what ELKO EP has succeeded in doing, launching in the second half of the 1990s with the firs...

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