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Lighting, heating, music, TV
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What can I control?

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  • Světlo - HOTELS icon
  • Žaluzie - HOTELS icon
  • Spínání - HOTELS icon
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The required temperature and fan speed can be set on the associated touch panel, and both heating and air-conditioning can be controlled. The wireless magnetic contact ensures switching off of heating or cooling when a window is opened.


  • Check in/check out - HOTEL photo Check in/check out - HOTEL photo

    Check in/check out

    Thanks to integration into a hotel system, it is possible to create a light scene in the room when a guest registers.

  • All Off/energy saver - HOTEL photo All Off/energy saver - HOTEL photo

    All Off/energy saver

    When the guest then leaves, the system automatically disconnects all electrical appliances and saves on both heating and cooling costs.

  • Do not disturb - HOTEL photo Do not disturb - HOTEL photo

    Do Not Disturb

    Guests can very easily signal if they want the room cleaned, or  do not want to be disturbed.

  • Komfort - HOTEL photo Komfort - HOTEL photo


    The combination of automatic illumination based on motion and central control of the room.


  • Design - HOTEL photo Design - HOTEL photo


    Through their timeless design, the control unit with display or glass touch unit will complement any interior.

  • Variabilita - HOTEL photo Variabilita - HOTEL photo


    The system is suitable for installing in large and small lodging facilities alike.

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Merit Royal Premim

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