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iNELS is also
for commercial buildings

Control system for shopping malls, hospitals,
airports, offices and even for castles!

It offers an excellent overview for owner!

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What can I control?

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Central control of lighting can be used in office buildings, shopping centers or department stores. iNELS offers the option of "all off" or maintaining the set lighting brightness based on outdoor light intensity. Used in combination with LED lighting, iNELS also lets you  achieve substantial savings.


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    Connection of BMS

    iNELS can easily be connected to a Building Management System.

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    Appropriate regulation saves costs in building operation in terms of heating, cooling, water heating, etc.

  • Automatizace - COMMERCIAL photo Automatizace - COMMERCIAL photo


    Based on time, light intensity, motion and other information, it is possible to automatically control lighting, shading, heating or cooling.


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    Access system

    Based on access rights, the system controls employee and visitor access to various parts of a building.


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    Design of control units is an important element of modern buildings, and iNELS offers an entire series of colors and materials.

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    The system is suitable for installing in large and small commercial buildings alike.


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