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04 March

Multifunction voltage monitoring relay in 3P with LCD display

Multifunction and in many ways universal monitoring relay which protects devices and equipment connected to a 3-phase network.

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07 January

ELKO EP will open a new franchise in Serbia. Promising region, says owner.

Serbia has become another country in which the Czech company ELKO EP will open a franchise. One of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic devices for home, office and industrial automation wants to strengthen its position in the rapidly developing region of the Balkans.

05 January

The ELKO EP ride continues. Newly opened branch in Britain

ELKO EP will open its fourteenth worldwide branch at the beginning of next year. This time in the United Kingdom - in a country where ELKO EP products are commonly sold, but mainly as relays under OEM licenses (ELKO EP is a European leader in the field of multifunction relays, which it supplies to brands such as Schneider Electric, Eaton, Tyco or Iskra). This time ELKO EP will try to succeed under their own banner. The new branch will be based in Benfleet, near London, and will be run by Graham Lockhart, who has worked with the company in the past.

30 November

What unites the Czech Republic, Chaplin and the Kazakh Almaty?

When you drive through the Kazakh countryside, you feel that you have gone back in time a few decades. You pass herdsmen, who watch over the  endless fields of grass under the high mountains. In the broken winding streets of small villages you meet more animals than cars.

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