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17 May

ELKO EP and Holešovská Regata are again on the same wave lenght.

On Friday, 21st and Saturday 22nd of June  the gardens of Holešov Chateau will fill fans of Czech and Slovak music, ready for good entertainment and unusual experiences. For the ninth time there will be the spectacular family festival called the Holešov Regatta, whose main partner is again ELKO EP. 

02 May

Czech Business Superbrands 2019 Award for ELKO EP from Holešov

The Czech Superbrands Brand Council's Expert Committee awarded the prestigious Czech Business Superbrands 2019 to ELKO EP, one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic devices for home, office and industrial automation. ELKO EP thus ranked among the most famous and most successful brands on the Czech market.

23 April

Smart pole in Prague and an overview of IoT iNELS solutions

Multifunctional smart pole, smart city, agricultural solutions and IoT elements all in one place. In Prague, professionals, as well as the general public, can see a wide range of products and solutions offered by ELKO EP under its intelligent iNELS brand.

10 April

iNELS Home Control compatible with Tizen OS

The iNELS Home Control application brings a new dimension to controlling the whole home with smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. It is now also fully compatible with the Tizen operating system for Samsung Smart TV and is free to download.

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