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06 August

When winter asks, what did you do in the summer!?

In unrelenting heat we all pray for a little rain, refreshing the air and at least cooling down slightly. Of course, we can't even imagine that there will be the opposite extreme. When winter asks you , what did you do in the summer? You can proudly tell her that you embarked on a smart iNELS installation.

23 July

BMS – Building management system

The building management system (BMS) concept is used in conjunction with the management of buildings, whether hotels, offices or homes.

23 July

Smart solutions for a relaxing summer

Summer is in full swing, along with holidays, hot days, swimming, trips and vacations. The perfect time to use smart iNELS solutions based on the range of first-class ELKO EP products that will make your summer tremendously simpler, not only at home, but also at work and on holiday. See how our smart technologies can make your life so much more enjoyable…

07 June

URBIS PICTUS a look back at the Smart City Fair

The Smart City theme moves the communal world and brings new business opportunities. The growing interest in smart cities has been confirmed by the second URBIS Smart City Fair, which took place in Brno between the 5 and 6 June 2019. Among the 60 exhibiting companies was also ELKO EP the Holesov Company with its innovative Smart Pole and other smart solutions for Smart City supplied under its own brand iNELS.

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