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18 March

Don't switch and run around. Control the whole house from TV

You do not have to go anywhere, you do not have to manually switch the current running program, and you do not have to run around doing anything difficult. Just keep sitting on your bunk while controlling the whole home with the app you have on your TV. Lights, air conditioning, heating, garage doors, cameras, outdoor blinds or other home appliances such as refrigerator or washing machine.

10 March

Universal Soldier in the field of IoT

Introducing a new product from iNELS Air, which was established at the beginning of the year as an independent company focused on projects and products from the IOT area. One of them is the universal converter AirCV-100, which is used for counting pulses, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus or RS485. Connectivity is provided via Narrow Band IOT network or LoRa.

04 March

Outstanding success of
ELKO EP in Kuwait

From a show villa to strategic cooperation with the whole country

03 March

IoT Network Battle

Do you remember the time when you first accessed the Internet via a dial-up connection? After the screeching sounds from the phone line, you found yourself on Tiscali, Atlas, or Seznam and sent your first email to your friends. This scene took place in most Czech households some twenty-two years ago.

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