Clear, intuitive, modern. The new iNELS mobile application is coming.


Another addition to the family of mobile applications for controlling iNELS devices is the new mobile application with the distinctive name "iNELS", in which great emphasis is placed on the graphic design and intuitive operation. The new application will be the only one to enable the control of wireless devices from the iNELS RF portfolio using the new eLAN-RF-103 system control unit.

It now brings a clear Dashboard, on which it is possible to display the most used devices, previews of connected cameras or created scenes. With one click, you can control several devices at once.

Download the new iNELS app


The iNELS application will gradually be supplemented with the possibility to connect new devices, new systems and central units as well as third-party devices. Enter a whole new stage with the new iNELS mobile application, expanding the functions and integration options of the iNELS 2022 system.


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