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30 November

What unites the Czech Republic, Chaplin and the Kazakh Almaty?

When you drive through the Kazakh countryside, you feel that you have gone back in time a few decades. You pass herdsmen, who watch over the  endless fields of grass under the high mountains. In the broken winding streets of small villages you meet more animals than cars.

09 November

The story of the Czech relay that conquered the world

However, this is exactly what ELKO EP has succeeded in doing, launching in the second half of the 1990s with the first multifunctional time relay MFR120. Since then, it has also sold tens of millions of products to the largest players in the market, such as Schneider Electric, Eaton, Tyco, GE, ETI, Iskra and many others.

12 October

We are all driven by change

“Honestly, I’m a very annoying person. When I see something, I go for it. Someone can easily throw me out the door a hundred times, but I’ll return the same way through a window or a chimney anyway. I want to do things right, “said Petr Demek three years ago. When he took up the position of production manager at ELKO EP, one of the European leaders in the field of relay manufacturing, intelligent electro installations and increasingly also an innovator in the field of IoT products.

23 September

The Bulgarian market is not uniform, but quite dynamic and diverse

"We have not yet fulfilled what we can do," says Miroslav Donchev, who represents ELKO EP in Bulgaria. "And it's true for our team, which is constantly growing and improving. So for a country that has been slightly just among the technological leadership in the past years. But that has been changing lately and Bulgarians love technology, "add the man, who built a solid growing branch in a year and a half. As for numbers, references and know-how.

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