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21 July

The RF Key Fob comes in a new, more elegant design

The RF Key Fob is one of the many options for controlling the wireless iNELS electro installations. Compact, smart and fast. Now with a brand-new design.

07 July

New brochure iNELS 2in1 is out now

Have you already met someone interested in a smart house who is not a technology expert? Who is looking for a system that offers the required functions, but whether it is bus or wireless technology they leave to the professionals? There is no such majority?

02 July

Vacation? Pack a feeling of security with yourself!

Whether you are going to discover the beauties of the Czech Republic during your holiday this year, or you are going somewhere abroad, pack a feeling of security and safety with you in your suitcase. We have a couple of technologies up our sleeve that will put your house under your thumb, protect it from heating, burning, or God forbid someone stealing from it.

24 June

Gardeners beware! Plant a few smart products.

Hot temperatures stormed our beautiful republic. That is high time to plant a couple of smart products in your garden, pergola or around the pool. We bring some inspiration where to start, how to proceed correctly and how to achieve maximum automation, efficiency and safety.

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