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09 September

Quick overview of monitoring relays

The ELKO EP range includes several hundred products. The largest group consists of relays with more than 200 different types. In order to be able to quickly navigate between them without having to browse through catalogues and browse through the websites, we have prepared a quick overview of monitoring relays.

30 August

Prevention is the best protection Hygro-thermostat RHT-1

Did you know that more than 30% of switchgear failures are caused by poor ventilation or high humidity? There can be several reasons: overload, switchboard located in a warm place, technology inside causing so-called "heating", e.g. dimmers.

06 August

When winter asks, what did you do in the summer!?

In unrelenting heat we all pray for a little rain, refreshing the air and at least cooling down slightly. Of course, we can't even imagine that there will be the opposite extreme. When winter asks you , what did you do in the summer? You can proudly tell her that you embarked on a smart iNELS installation.

23 July

BMS – Building management system

The building management system (BMS) concept is used in conjunction with the management of buildings, whether hotels, offices or homes.

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