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15 November

Our NB-IoT sensors in networks of other operators

iNELS Air was designed in response to the dynamically developing network for IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT wireless communications category describes the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA). This technology is designed to provide full coverage even inside buildings, with energy-saving and low-cost operation of individual devices.

14 November

Automatic lighting control of hotel rooms

The guests in the hotel rooms do not care about the energy costs: “it is not their consumption and they don’t have to pay for it.” Therefore, they leave the lights, TV and other appliances switched on even in the absence (e.g. breakfast). 

06 November

We visited the ELEC EXPO 2019 in Casablanca

Last week, ELKO EP visited the 13th year of the Elec expo, which took place from October 30 to November 02, in the Marocco, specifically, in Casablanca.

01 October

The Polish Energetab Fair exceeded expectations

In mid-September, ELKO EP participated for the fifteenth time in the largest electrical and energy trade fair in Poland, ENERGETAB. In particular, we introduced the entire range of relays, but also our comprehensive Hotel Management System and iNELS Air range developed primarily for the IoT area. This year's ENERGETAB was the most successful year for ELKO EP, as evidenced by the number of concluded or pre-negotiated contracts.

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