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09 September

A touch panel that meets even the most demanding requirements

Presenting  the  10 ”touch panel designed to control the iNELS BUS system using the iHC (iNELS Home Control) application.

21 August

ELKO EP is a partner of the FORTUNA:LIGA football League

The league break is over and the football carousel of professional football will start at full speed on Friday. This year's highest competition, the FORTUNA football league, will be unique in many ways. For the first time in the history of independent Czech football, eighteen teams will enter the highest competition. In most stadiums, the video referee will be fully operational. 

12 August


To optimize the solution not only of a hotel room, but also of an apartment, cottage or bungalow, it is enough to only use a single 1-module mini CU3-07M unit crammed with innovations.

22 July

New in Kuwait! ELKO EP opens another branch in the Persian Gulf

If you've visited a metropolis in the Middle East in recent years, you couldn't help but notice the tremendous pace at which state-of-the-art buildings are sprouting up. Whether its futuristic skyscrapers, state-of-the-art hotels, streets full of smart devices or buildings equipped with intelligent electro installations, and it is the rapid development of smart technologies, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence that is the main reason why ELKO EP is opening another of its branches in Kuwait. 

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