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29 November

SMART lake or astronomical clock. No problem

SMART wiring in Slovakia oxygenates the lake and controls the lighting of the astronomical clock.

26 November

Comfort in a luxury hotel

Grand hotel Bachledka Strachan in Slovakia. Here, mountain folklore is combined with luxury - also thanks to the ELKO EP relays. 

10 November

Comfort in a hotel in Odessa, Ukraine is provided by iNELS Bus technology

Luxury and comfort. Such is the SPA hotel NEMO in Odessa, Ukraine. To ensure that the technology offered to visitors meets the exacting standards, the INELS Bus system, which is equipped with a hundred hotel rooms, helps. It controls the air conditioning, monitors the lights or the fire system. 

22 September

Easier installation: the actuators will now be equipped with screwless clamps

Building automation and wireless control of appliances will now be more modern, more efficient and easier. ELKO EP, a.s. has improved its switching element, which makes it possible to wirelessly control appliances, sockets, lights or integrate it to control garage doors or gates.

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