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01 June

Connecting and maintaining socket relays has never been easier

Even though we are already in the 21st century, products designed for the 11-pin socket are still frequently sought-after goods, partly due to easy and fast maintenance or installation. In addition, they allow pre-assembly of the sockets, which are suitable for industrial buildings with regards to  the shortened installation time after their delivery to the customer.

21 May

Czech footprint in generous Hermitage

The first thing that breathes on you in St. Petersburg, Russia, will most likely be the cold and the raw wind. But then when you look around, you will see a modern European metropolis in which nothing is spared.

05 May

The council doesn't have to be about the stacks of paper

We already know that the world is gradually changing for the better thanks to new technologies. However, you will still find places that have not received much attention in terms of technology. City councils could talk. We ask: how do you imagine the actions of the council?

30 April

USS control and signalling modules: DO IT YOURSELF!

Sometimes it's better to leave certain things to the pros, sometimes it's just a few clicks and you're done and no help is needed. One example is our USS control and signalling modules that meet this requirement.

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