Vacation? Pack a feeling of security with yourself!

The basis of everything is our iNELS application, connected to an eLAN smart box. Through these two things, you control the whole house. For example, you can perform a random check to ensure that all appliances are reliably switched off or that there is no unnecessary energy loss.

You also have remote detectors and security sensors under control. For example, the RFMD-100 motion detector will send you a notification whenever something rustles around your house. The RFWD-100 door and window sensors take care of the safety of your property, prevent the unexpected intrusion of strangers or see if a severe summer storm breaks your windows somewhere.

Security detectors RFMD-100 and RFWD-100 are prepared to keep your property perfectly safe.

You can also simulate your daily presence for complete safety. Pull the blinds up in the morning and run them down in the evening, light it up or play music in the house. This can be achieved either through the application or using an analogue clock of the ATS series. They can be used to set the appliance to switch on regularly at regular times.

Brand new product range of analog time switches ATS serves well for switching units according to set time schedule. During your vacation, you can simple simulate your presence at home, for example with switching lighting.

We talked briefly about summer storms. The RFSF-1B wireless flood detector will help you not to be surprised by heavy torrential rain. This, in combination with the FP-1 flood probe, sends a signal to the switching component and a notification to your telephone when water is detected.


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