Service key RFAF/USB

The RFAF / USB Service Key is a support tool for system partners and installers to facilitate setup and analyze wireless communication problems.

It serves for setting the repeater (signal amplifier) through the iNELS RF Control elements labeled as RFIO2 . This option allows you to communicate over longer distances (in the order of 50 m) via existing iNELS RF Control elements in the installation (eliminating the use of the RFRP-20 repeater).

Easy upgrade of firmware in the iNELS RF Control elements (labeled RFIO2 ), in the case of new firmware versions that improve the functionality of the elements on which we are constantly working.

We can take it as the RF Network Analyzer, which will reliably analyze the communication between the controller (where you plan to place it) and the component in the installation. Indicates signal strength / quality as well as possible frequencies that can interfere with communication.

The available frequency for individual territories:

  • 866 MHz Indie
  • 868 MHz EU, UA, RU, Middle east
  • 916 MHz North / South America, Australia, New Zealand

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