Quick overview of monitoring relays

The ELKO EP range includes several hundred products. The largest group consists of relays with more than 200 different types. In order to be able to quickly navigate between them without having to browse through catalogues and browse through the websites, we have prepared a quick overview of monitoring relays.

Now you will only need one glance to select the right relays. Click on the image below to see the table. You can print it out and keep it close to hand.

News and Innovation

At ELKO EP we are constantly working on the development of new equipment and innovations of existing products. Innovative relay types boast the ability to measure with an accuracy of approximately 2%, which increases their reliability and distinguishes them from our cheaper competitors. Experts will also be pleased with the lower power consumption of only 2.5 W and the ability to monitor AC voltage and non-sinusoidal waveforms. They are suitable for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz networks, which will be especially appreciated by customers traveling across the ocean.

With current relays, current amplification calibration increases the accuracy of current monitoring. There are no connector connections inside the products, so they are mechanically very resistant to shocks.

10 reasons to choose industrial monitoring relays from ELKO EP:

  • Multiple adjustable ranges of current and voltage monitoring relays
  • Increased measurement accuracy with the latest components
  • Suitable for 50/60 Hz networks
  • Extended power supply 24-240 V AC / DC
  • Power consumption max. 2.5 W
  • Auxiliary power supply
  • Focus on industrial applications
  • Certifications that meet the requirements set by standards (ČSN, CE, UL…)
  • Above standard 5-year warranty
  • New improved design

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