Prevention is the best protection Hygro-thermostat RHT-1

Did you know that more than 30% of switchgear failures are caused by poor ventilation or high humidity? There can be several reasons: overload, switchboard located in a warm place, technology inside causing so-called "heating", e.g. dimmers.

The consequences are in most cases fatal. The result is destroyed technology (PLC, dimmers, control system, etc.), whose purchase costs are really high, not to mention the failure of connected technology, the associated financial losses and the necessity of a new installation.

Even for these potential situations we have an ELKO EP solution, namely the Hygro-thermostat RHT-1, which monitors temperature and relative humidity in switchboards. The device allows setting of 8 contact closing conditions, making it usable for various types of loads (e.g. fan, heating, air conditioning, drying units).

The RHT-1 allows you to set various conditions, for example when the temperature and / or humidity reaches the set level, the relay closes. Or when the temperature is higher, but the humidity is lower, etc. You can set up to 8 conditions for closing the contact, including the permanent on / off function.

Selected functions when the set conditions are reached:

  • Can switch ALARM.
  • Ventilate the heat outside when connected to a fan.
  • Triggers a switchboard strain relief device.
  • Switches the GSM gateway for fault reporting.
  • When installed on Sigfox, Lora or NB-IoT, it can transmit this information to a central location.


  • Temperature range 0-60 ° C.
  • Relative humidity range 50-90%.
  • Sensor monitoring function (damage, disturbances...).
  • Fixed hysteresis at 2.5 ° C and humidity at 4%.
  • The sensor is part of the instrument.

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