New shared office concept in Pilsen STROM Offices is fully equipped with smart building features

The latest office building project in Pilsen is quite innovative. Both in terms of the services offered and in terms of its equipment respecting fully automated spaces with smart control elements. STROM offices, as the project is called, comes with a model of serviced private offices and shared office space tailored to individuals or small start-ups, as well as large companies looking for a cost-effective option of their own space adapted to today's conditions.

Flexible "Office as Service" lease terms allow you to scale the size of the leased space according to the size and needs of your teams. In a four-storey building, the second floor is available for smaller teams or individual users, the third and fourth floors are available for rent to larger companies. The layout and arrangement of the interior space can be completely changed according to the specific requirements of the landlords.

This is also matched by the building's technical equipment for controlling lighting, blinds and heating, all integrated with the access control system. Thanks to the access card, everyone can adjust the lighting intensity in the rented room, control the heating and air conditioning. This part of the project is provided by iNELS building automation elements from ELKO EP, a company based in Holešov. For the comfort of the tenants, wall-mounted controls in the form of classic switches or glass touch panels with eight buttons of the same brand are also used. The building is thus fully automated and at the same time allows its simple and intuitive control.

Moreover, the STROM offices example proves that technology can blend with nature. Organic elements are the central motif of the building. The theme of plants and wood decor permeates the entire interior and conveys a feeling of cosiness and comfort. And when you simply adjust the lighting intensity, set the shading and play the right music, you can work in absolute peace. Or even not work for a while.

Project name: STROM offices, Koželužská, Plzeň
Implementation date: 2020/21
Opening date: 1 August 2021
Used iNELS elements: CU3-02M (central units), BPS3-02M (bus separator), PS3-100/iNELS (power supplies), JA3-018M (blind schwitching unit), SA3-012M (switching actuators), WSB3-20 and WSB3-40 (wall-mounted controllers), GSB3-80 (wall-mounted glass touch panels), TELVA (thermal head)

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