To optimize the solution not only of a hotel room, but also of an apartment, cottage or bungalow, it is enough to only use a single 1-module
mini CU3-07M unit crammed with innovations.

This has long been one of the priorities of the ELKO EP - to show that even with a small unit you can amaze the world of accommodation facilities, and so the family of central units "CU3" has grown by miniCU.

It really is small - it is a 1-module device (width 17.5 mm) with a consumption of less than 1.5 W. Together with the PS3-30 / iNELS power supply, which works with the miniCU as a bus separator, it takes only 70 mm in the switchboard. Despite its size, however, it can work with all the advantages that a bus solution brings namely speed, variability and connection to superior systems.

The fact that the unit can function for installations as a separate master or as a slave for the superior
CU3-0xM is an added benefit. It can operate up to 32 units (devices) on the bus and all elements of the 
iNELS BUS system can be connected to it, but most frequently GRMS controllers, dimming and switching actuators. It is also compatible with the MODBUS protocol, which allows direct connection to HVAC (thermostats, fan coils and others) when connected to the RS485 terminals.

Thanks to the unique IP address, it can be scaled to different ranges of superior control (CU master, Bacnet, Niagara, Modbus RT), connected within the PMS (Property Management System), to the access system (door lock) or to Hospitality TV.

If you are looking for a handy helper for your accommodation facilities, the miniCU will be an excellent solution to handle it. You can find more information on our website for product details or in the BUS technology catalogue.

Launch: September 2020

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