iNELS product news - September

We present you new products that we've recently launched. They are already available! 

Glass touch wall controller available!

4-button and 6-button touch controllers GSB3-40 and GSB3-60 are available in white / black color.

They are equipped with light intensity sensor, temperature sensor, signaling LED and two digital-analogue inputs. 

With each press of the button the vibration and/or beep will respond.

GSB3-40 (černá)     GSB3-40 (bílá)     GSB3-60 (černá)     GSB3-60 (bílá)

New - iNELS BUS cable!

iNELS BUS cable  has the best parameters for iNELS installation and it was specially made just for this purpose.


iNELS BUS cable

iNELS-DALI/DMX converter available!

Unit EMDC-64M is designed to control electronic ballasts DALI and DMX receivers from the iNELS. It allows you to control up to 64 independent electronic ballasts. Up to 8 units of EMDC-64M can be connected to one EBM bus.

Choose iNELS system with EMDC-64M to control lights in warehouse or commercial buildings.

Temperature units TI3 available!

Units with temperature inputs for mounting into installation boxes (TI3-10BTI3-40B) and for DIN rail into a switchboard (TI3-60M) are used to monitor the temperature in different cases.
Enables measuring temperature using 2-wire and 3-wire temperature sensors TCTZ, Pt1000, Pt100 and Ni1000.

EMDC-64M     TI3-10B     

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