First installation in Bhutan! Buddha Dordenma statue

Buddha is a term which in Buddhism describes an individual who has achieved enlightenment and perfect realization. Likewise, we are also trying with our intelligent electro-installation iNELS system to achieve perfect realization.
Our iNELS system makes life easier for the faithful in a faraway country such as Bhutan – our units have travelled more than 9000 km from the factory where they were produced to the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains.
Cold and dry mountain climate dominates most areas; a humid subtropical climate (monsoon type) prevails in the south. The wet season lasts from April until October; therefore, the appropriate temperature regulation inside buildings is really important.

Particular focus has been put on the interior lighting what is control by EST3 – control unit with touch screen – is an appropriate control unit of iNELS system at such place – where controlling of more units is required. EST3 unit can replace more controllers and allows reducing the number of controllers on the wall.
The brain of iNELS system and “the mediation” between user´s interface and controllers, units and actuators connected to bus is CU3-02M, which is supplied by PS3/iNELS.  

Other useful units are:
SA3-012M – switching actuator equipped with 12 independent relays with switching potential free contacts.
BPS3-02M – used for the impedance separation of one CIB line from the power supply.

This installation is located in the mountains of Bhutan.


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