ETIM 6.0 is available at ELKO EP

ETIM, or the European Technical Information Model, is an internationally standardized electro-technical database of products designed for wholesalers and partners. It is a set of information in BMEcat format, which is a standard for special computer programs that can process this information for various purposes, especially for use in wholesale e-shops. It therefore offers a uniform technical description of the electrical goods independent of the language used.

The file carries for each individual element not only the conventional data of the manufacturer, graphical files, catalogue sheets and instructions, but also internationally defined parameters that can then be compared and sorted together.
"I am extremely happy that ELKO EP can boast about this database. ETIM is a European standard, so I am really pleased that we can join it. Creating entries for all of our 2 582 items took us 4 months, but the result is worth it, and having also had it  confirmed by the two independent chains of wholesalers we've consulted with, "explains Bronislav Mašík, product manager for ELKO EP.

At present, the ELKO EP database is available in Czech and English. In the future, Slovak, German, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish and Croatian language versions are planned. 

It contains:

  • Product documentation
  • Product catalogues
  • Product manuals
  • Technical Specifications

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