ELKO EP will open a new franchise in Serbia. Promising region, says owner.

Serbia has become another country in which the Czech company ELKO EP will open a franchise. One of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic devices for home, office and industrial automation wants to strengthen its position in the rapidly developing region of the Balkans.

 "Technology development is becoming faster and faster due to the coronavirus crisis. Offices are changing, households are being equipped, and everyone and everything is constantly communicating via the Internet. As a developer and manufacturing company, we see extraordinary pressure for innovation and for us last year will probably be in terms of numbers, a record again. Therefore, we can afford to expand the team and invest again in development, "says Jiří Konečný, founder and owner of ELKO EP, which has long been one of the leaders in development in the field of relays, intelligent wiring and IoT products

"We have been very active in the Middle East and Asia in recent years. We have opened branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Vietnam or Pakistan, where everything is feverishly modernized and they are a big fan of technology. In the last year, however, our branches in Europe have also grown a lot, whether it is Hungary, the Baltics or Bulgaria. That is why we want to have a full representation in Serbia and strengthen our position in local markets, “adds Jiří Konečný.
The franchise in Serbia will be managed by representatives of the company U-Energister d.o.o. Mladen Babić and Slavko Dostanić, who have been in the field of automation and intelligent systems for a long time and who have extensive experience in project management in the field of implementation and installation of electrical systems. "We were looking for a partner who has a comprehensive and functional system of solutions and elements in his hands. That is why we contacted ELKO EP to cooperate on sub-projects. We have verified that development, production and consulting are flexible enough and that the entire ecosystem of products works very well. Serbs love technology, especially cities like Belgrade and Novi Sad are going quickly in the field of various automations and intelligent elements, there is also great interest in office or home automation, "is stated in Serbian franchise. 

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