ELKO EP expands into American market.

ELKO EP Holding has extended its branch network to 11 – the new branch office in USA – iNELS SmartHome LLC. From the name of branch office is pretty obvious, that the main focus is put on the Smart Homes – what experiencing massive expansion in USA and Europe.

The new branch office iNELS SmartHome LCC has been established in Oregon, Wisconsin state. “America forms a constant breeding ground and a source of inspiration not only for the field of Smart Home but also for IT technology. There are a lot of startups that will disappear within 1 year, but also there are a lot of stable companies that are involved in the field of Smart Solution.” said Mr. Jiří Konečný, the owner of ELKO EP Company and co-owner of American branch office. "US market presents a big challenge for us – not only for its size, but also for technical maturity. Although electrical installation standards in Europe are different from US market (different voltage, frequency or socket/switch design), these obstacles are worth overcoming” said Mr. Konečný explaining reasons for establishing the US branch.

iNELS Smart Home LLC based in the Wisconsin (industrial development centre), will also take care of existing customers of ELKO EP Company, that are more than 20. 
Manager and president of iNELS SmartHome LLC Mr. Witold Lisowski shares the enthusiasm with the owner of ELKO EP Company Mr. Jiří Konečný and explains: “I have worked for many American and Dutch companies (Mars, Digital Equipment, PictureTel or Bose) and I hope that my experiences will help to put iNELS brand on the US market. Company such as iNELS cannot just sit back and wait; they must use all means possible to be visible to the market! These days there is an enormous interest in intelligent systems in US. So I really hope that company SmartHome LLC will be successful, because the system complexity and flexibility, the ability to integrate with other systems are really amazing and there are not many companies that are able to offer such system!"

ELKO EP Holding SE with more than 23 years of experience operates in more than 60 countries around the world and has 11 branch offices over the world.

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