Easier installation: the actuators will now be equipped with screwless clamps

Building automation and wireless control of appliances will now be more modern, more efficient and easier. ELKO EP, a.s. has improved its switching element, which makes it possible to wirelessly control appliances, sockets, lights or integrate it to control garage doors or gates.
The modernization of the switching element consists in the replacement of components - the classic screw clamp is replaced by a screwless clamp. While the power supply wires have previously had to be screwed to the device, the new technology makes the connection easier: the clamp allows quick connection by simply inserting the wire into the device. In the screwless clamp, the conductor is pressed by a spring against a fixed, non-moving part, the pressure on the conductor is constant throughout the life of the product. The connection is very tight and reliable. 
Removal of the conductor or any adjustments are just as easy as installation. Both rigid and flexible conductors of appropriate cross-sections can be connected to the device.
The new actuator design has additional advantages thanks to innovation: using actuators without lead wires creates more space in the installation box and makes the overall installation clearer.
In the case of actuators that have one input/output, the power supply terminals are intentionally doubled, so there is no need for additional external connection terminals in most installations. 
The innovation guarantees a firm and stable connection.


Upgraded switching elements of these types will be available shortly:


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