Connecting and maintaining socket relays has never been easier

Even though we are already in the 21st century, products designed for the 11-pin socket are still frequently sought-after goods, partly due to easy and fast maintenance or installation. In addition, they allow pre-assembly of the sockets, which are suitable for industrial buildings with regards to  the shortened installation time after their delivery to the customer.

It is now possible to mount our plug and play socket relay not only on a DIN rail but also in the holes in the panels, for which we have a standard 1/16 DIN cut-out (45mm2), which will facilitate the easy work of finding a suitable panel or possible accessories.
In contrast to the previous variant of the PRM socket relays, it is possible to select a control element for fine-tuning the time range with either a rotary switch or large knob or, each of which has its own benefits.
If you select a dial, you can use a sealable cover on the front panel to prevent unauthorized access. With the big button, on the other hand, you can adjust the exact time you want more comfortably and accurately, without the need for tools.
Another of our innovations is more variants of control inputs from potential-free to voltage-dependent, which you can have either as a classic with one control input or a more advanced variant with three control inputs.
  Type of units eshop 3D model Code
PTRA-216T to eshop 3D 7560
PTRA-216K to eshop 3D 7559
PTRM-216T to eshop 3D 7558
PTRM-216K to eshop 3D 7557
PTRM-216TP to eshop 3D 7603
PTRM-216KP to eshop 3D 7602

Some other features and benefits:

  • Compact size of the front frame 48mm2 with a depth of only 66.5mm
  • Laser description
  • Self-extinguishing plastic, including UV resistance
  • Possibility to use NPN / PNP capacitive and motion sensors, incl. encoder for control input
  • Universal supply voltage 12 – 240V AC/DC
  • Wide time range 50ms - 30 days
  • Two output LEDs for indication of each relay separately incl. timing
  • Dielectric strength 4kV

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