Comfort in a hotel in Odessa, Ukraine is provided by iNELS Bus technology

Luxury and comfort. Such is the SPA hotel NEMO in Odessa, Ukraine. To ensure that the technology offered to visitors meets the exacting standards, the INELS Bus system, which is equipped with a hundred hotel rooms, helps. It controls the air conditioning, monitors the lights or the fire system. 

"The basic element of the system is the control of Mitsubishi air conditioning and heating (radiators) with the help of hotel thermostats GRT3. In each room there are two such units that work synchronously in one heating and cooling circuit," explained Alex Elgart, head of ELKO EP's Ukrainian branch. 
There is interest in the technology, so the system is slowly being expanded. Currently, a monitoring system for LED lights and fire sprinklers is installed. 
"Then it will be the turn to connect the dispatching functions of DND and MUR, and finally the monitoring and control of outdoor facade lighting," Elgart added. 

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