Christmas tree in Holesov in lighting show

Since 28. November 2015 the Dr. E. Beneš square in Holešov is decorated with 18 meter high Christmas tree. This year, the honor of decoration fell to our company’s lap and it is a truly unconventional dress up. 

’’One hundred and twenty LED bulbs are connected via DMX BUS, so they are able to create various lightning and colourful scenes. Moreover, whole kit response to music – with just one touch on your mobile device you can select a song or a Christmas carol and the tree will ‘play it with lights’. Everything is interconnected through a smart electro-installation iNELS, produced by our company. It can be easily controlled from the app on your smartphone – even remotely," says the CEO of ELKO EP, Jiří Konečný. 

The lights on the tree lightened up at 17:30 by a hand of the mayor of Holešov and Jiří Konečný jr. (2 years old), who turned up the lights from the smartphone app. The atmosphere was nicely illustrated by children’s Choir Plamínek. 

Video here.

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