A touch panel that meets even the most demanding requirements

Presenting  the  10 ”touch panel designed to control the iNELS BUS system using the iHC (iNELS Home Control) application.

This iNELS Touch Panel brings an attractive design and a beautifully readable ten-inch display. The black lacquered aluminium chassis in combination with glass give the panel a look that will be a design feature in any type of interior, whether in the living room, office, meeting room or director's office. Cleverly programmed with a friendly user interface together with intuitive graphics ensure efficient and easy operation.

The big advantage is the invisible integrated speakers and microphone, thanks to which it can communicate with the 2N voice (intercom).

The connection to the local network is by an Ethernet connection with PoE power supply (IEEE 802.3af). The panel runs on the Android system together with the iHC application - iNELS Home Control. Updating iHC applications is possible via the Internet using the ELKO App Store. The panel also includes a rear cover, which also serves as a mounting frame, either for surface mounting (using the frame) or using the cover as a built-in mounting.

Since it was launched on the market, it has gained its place in our implemented electrical installations. It is used, for example, by the Hungarian Bodorka Balaton Aquarium to control their complete electrical installation, and even the ELKO EP headquarters is no exception, where it controls lighting, air conditioning, shading and much more.

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