We shine at Ferrari

Together with a company Preciosa - Lustry, a manufacturer and supplier of design ligthing, we went to Dubai to the private Ferrari showroom. In order to make the sports cars highly visible to everyone, with our colleagues who were armed for this mission with lights and chandeliers from the special Crystal Automata line, encompassing the charming beauty of crystal and the influence of the four basic natural elements, earth, water, fire and air. Whole lighting can move and make an impression of flowing water - giving a space an unique atmosphere.

We at ELKO EP did not want to be left behind, so we took our best products, on which you can rely. An engine system for moving and rotating, as well as managing the intensity of light, is controlled by our Central Unit CU3-02M with DALI converter and switching actors. All automation system is powered by the PS3-100/iNELS power supply. To connect all the necessary devices, such as switches, control buttons or detectors, we used an input unit IM3-140M for up to fourteen contacts. Controls are provided by the RFSA switches, together with wireless wall controller RFWB and keychain controller. As the ideal mediator for communication between iNELS units and third parties, a Connection server was used that translates protocols for the device and allows them to be managed through the iHC application. Finally, as a design element, the Logus glass frames are black / icy which fit perfectly into the showroom's overall style.

What can we say in conclusion? We firmly believe that Mr. Enzo, the father of all cars with a black prancing steed in character, he would be especially proud.

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