11 December

We communicate with Promotic

It is software that serves to visualize and manage technological processes in a wide range of industries.

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06 December

We are delighted to report another award for the company’s iNELS

We won the award in the Best Engineering Innovation category for 2017 with our iNELS Industry system.

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04 December

For the first time in Athens, to showcase hotel solutions

ELKO EP participated in the premium edition of Xenia 2017, which took pla...

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13 October

Whether it's cold or frosty, with iHC it‘s easy

With the onset of the winter you will certainly appreciate help with the heating. The warmth of your home can handle ...

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05 October

Two ELKO EP contributions to Bhutanian Happiness

In Bhutan, a South Asian country neighbouring India and Tibet where the national happiness index plays a larger role ...

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