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First controller
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understand well

Lighting, heating, music, TV
– all integrated into one controller!


  • Check in/check out - HOTEL photo Check in/check out - HOTEL photo

    Check in/check out

    Thanks to integration into a hotel system, it is possible to create a light scene in the room when a guest registers.

  • All Off/energy saver - HOTEL photo All Off/energy saver - HOTEL photo

    All Off/energy saver

    When the guest then leaves, the system automatically disconnects all electrical appliances and saves on both heating and cooling costs.

  • Do not disturb - HOTEL photo Do not disturb - HOTEL photo

    Do Not Disturb

    Guests can very easily signal if they want the room cleaned, or  do not want to be disturbed.

  • Komfort - HOTEL photo Komfort - HOTEL photo


    The combination of automatic illumination based on motion and central control of the room.


  • Design - HOTEL photo Design - HOTEL photo


    Through their timeless design, the control unit with display or glass touch unit will complement any interior.

  • Variabilita - HOTEL photo Variabilita - HOTEL photo


    The system is suitable for installing in large and small lodging facilities alike.

What can I control?

  • Topení - HOTELS icon
  • Světlo - HOTELS icon
  • Žaluzie - HOTELS icon
  • Spínání - HOTELS icon
Topení - HOTELS icon
  • HVAC - HOTELS icon
  • Do not disturb - HOTELS icon
  • Ventilace - HOTELS icon
  • Odchodové tlačítko - HOTELS icon


The required temperature and fan speed can be set on the associated touch panel, and both heating and air-conditioning can be controlled. The wireless magnetic contact ensures switching off of heating or cooling when a window is opened.


iNELS is suitable for new building projects and also for existing buildings or properties under construction.
It can be adapted to small flats, large houses and large commercial buildings. Each project is unique. We prefer 
an individual approach to every customer and propose the right solution to meets all of their requirements. They can 
decide between the wireless technology, which doesn’t require cutting into the wall, and bus technology
that we recommend for new buildings.

Ing. Václav Mahdal, Key Account Manager



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