Kempinski Hotel Grand Asia

With our unique hotel's solutions we have the honour of controlling the lighting at this luxurious hotel in Kazakhstan.

With the convenience of lighting regulation from one location they cannot only fully enjoy the lighting in reception and corridors, but also in the social and conference rooms. The Lighting can now be switched or dimmed using the switching components (SA3-012M, SA3-02M or SA3-04M). The Dimmers used were the DA3-22M and the DIM-6 , thanks to which you can adjust the intensity of the light, so that the people always find it pleasant. 
The lighting control protocols used are DALI/DMX, which is provided by our EMDC-64M converter.

The brains of the whole hotel solution are primarily several of our CU3-02M central units, which serve as intermediaries between the user interface and control. Wall touch units (EST3, GSB3-60) were chosen for control because of their simplicity and elegance which fits into any interior.

In addition to the above mentioned components, even more were used to install these iNELS devices:

  • PS3 -100/inels
  • BPS3-02M
  • EMDC-64M
  • DAC3-04M
  • IM3-140M


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