CU3-04M, your new hotel manager

CU3-04M is equipped with digital inputs for push-button controls and various detectors. It also contains analog inputs through which it communicates, for example, with temperature sensors. The installation bus is used to connect up to 32 bus drivers and thermostats. There are three Ethernet ports on the left, at the bottom of the control unit. These are used to connect to a network or connect with other CU3-04M units.

The unit is capable of communicating with common hotel and guest room management systems. They work together in the guest's accommodation. Even during the check-in, you can start welcoming room scenes, activate heating or cooling systems and instantly respond to any guest requirements.

CU3-04M is ready to communicate with iNELS BMS. This system connects all building systems and allows for centralized management and monitoring. For example, we can include elevators, fire safety systems, evacuation lighting, HVAC systems, and more.

If you want to learn more about the CU3-04M, check out the product details. You will find more specific information and a technical data sheet available for download.

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