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Dominate the house simply by touching

Invest where it makes sense

Reduce your energy costs by 30% and use your money for what you really need and enjoy. What about to save your money for your child's education, for wonderful holiday for your parents or unforgettable trip with partner?

Keep an eye on what you love

View live video from any camera on your Smartphones – you can check your new babysitter or check your household when you travel or relax on your holiday.

Relax to the fullest

Push one button from the comfort of your own chair to dim the lights, pull the blinds down/up and open the front door to visitors who can be seen on your TV screen.

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What does Smart Home mean?

iNELS is the heart of your home. It's technology, thinking, communication, intelligence and everything that breathes new life into your heart and home.

Smart houses are, after Smartphones and TVs, the next logical step in the development of modern technology and housing. Besides the security it also provides the comfort and significant savings to users. Your house, apartment or any other property, can be remotely controlled from a single device, such as Smartphone or tablet. You can control heating, multimedia, lighting, CCTV or appliances. There are many benefits of smart home including an overview of energy consumption, displaying an exact real number at any time.

"iNELS is suitable for new building projects and also for existing buildings or properties under construction. It can be adapted to small flats, large houses and large commercial buildings. Each project is unique. We prefer an individual approach to every customer and propose the right solution to meets all of their requirements. They can decide between the wireless technology, which doesn’t require cutting into the wall, and bus technology that we recommend for new buildings."

Ing. Václav Mahdal, Key Account Manager

When you are at work, traveling or on holiday, you can always keep your home under control. Adjust the heating, check out what is happening around your house or disconnect iron from electrical outlet - with just one tap on the screen of your Smartphone.

Make your life much easier, let iNELS system think for you.

Family house in České Budějovice
Family house in České Budějovice

We are glad that we decided to install the intelligent electro-installation iNELS in our house. My wife and I have found several functions that iNELS system can offer us and now we cannot imagine our home without them. Control the entire house via App in the Smartphone is so practical, it also provides an overview what happens in the house, I can remotely control what I need and I am already looking forward to cut my heating bills by 20 percent or more.

Milan D., České Budějovice

Flat Brno
Flat Brno

About the intelligent wiring system I had only general information. Thanks to the electrical company, which installed our wiring system, I learned more about it. All of options, which the intelligent system offers, excite me.

The main point for me was the saving of energy through the regulation of the lighting and heating. In addition to the savings, I appreciate comfort, security and modularity into the future. Will you build a new house? So you should think about bus system from the beginning of your project. The bus is the data wire which is installed in the walls throughout the house.

Wellness Centre - Chateau Petrovice
Wellness Centre - Chateau Petrovice

Wellness hotel Zámeček Petrovice brings its clients the possibility to effective rest with comfortable using the system of smart wiring system iNELS BUS 3. generation. The system iNELS is controlled from a single location by using the application of iHC in the tablet. The receptionist of wellness center uses the application for local control of all switching and dimming lighting sectors, which are controlled by a DALI ballasts EMDC-64M. Other relaxation areas are controlled by using the units SA3-012M and SA3-04M, which are saunas illuminated by a congenial tone of the RGB LED strips. In addition to the standard lighting control using DALI ballasts is the system iNELS managed, 7 ceramic loungers, 3 hot tubs, an ice dispenser and a cooling pool, where is controlled the the filling of water and watch the level of the pool. All of these components brings for clients the feeling of more luxury, privacy, and being part of something special. Saunas are base of the wellness center in Petrovice. There are installed sensors TC/TZ for the measure and regulation of temperature. Also, there are installed sensors for switching the heating called SA3-01B. The clients of wellness centre can use not only services, but also the technical equipment for using the system iNELS.

Implementing company: ERLANG TB s. r. o., Elra Electro - JK RIMEX s. r. o. 

Birthplace of Jan Hus in Husinec
Birthplace of Jan Hus in Husinec

The home of Mistr Jan Hus in Husinec near Prachatice is opened again - a of 600 years from his burning in Kostnice. The new exhibition is focused on time, life, work, tradition and legacy of the bohemian reformer. The most important area is probably his room, where he was born and lived his childhood. Mistr Jan Hus is one of the most important person in our history. He was an important thinker, reformer, clean and true man. His teaching and his death by torture influenced our history and we are proud of our system iNELS because it can help with presentation his life.

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