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30 November

Four reasons why smart installations will bring relief to your wallet.

There is no doubt that a modern household must be economical. Information on how and where to save in your piggy bank is all over the Internet. But which ones are really effective and which are unnecessary? Let's talk numbers, they unlike many different marketers, don’t lying.

14 November

A switching device only for roller blinds, garage doors or gates RFJA-32B solves numerous issues

The ELKO EP company has introduced a new wireless switch from the iNELS product line, designated RFJA-32B, which saves a lot of effort in renovating or upgrading households and offices and offers easy operation.

05 November

ETIM 6.0 is available at ELKO EP

We have an updated version of ETIM 6.0. It includes 2 582 items in Czech and English and contains almost all the product lines from the ELKO EP portfolio. The standardized database will help business partners, especially wholesalers, as well as resellers of electrical equipment, to find products more easily based on their class name or technical characteristics.

24 October

About iNELS Air

iNELS Air was developed in response to the dynamically developing network for IoT (Internet of Things). This technology is designed to provide full-range coverage inside buildings, energy-saving and low-cost operation of individual devices

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