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The smart office of tomorrow, healthy, economical
and efficient.

iNELS Future Office offers many solutions
for new build or retrofit projects.
Monitor air quality or set up the lighting
and shading in real time
using preset "scenes" and much more.


  • Uživatelské systémy - Future office photo Uživatelské systémy - Future office photo

    User systems

    For example, system access control to buildings / premises for maximum safety of people and property.

  • Cloudové služby - Future office photo Cloudové služby - Future office photo

    Cloud services

    Central data from individual devices, easy operation and setup changes for the whole and individual areas.


  • Internet věcí - Future office photo Internet věcí - Future office photo

    Internet of things

    Connect all your devices to the Internet and thus take advantage of the maximum potential of the iNELS Future Office system.


  • Vývoj aplikací - Future office photo Vývoj aplikací - Future office photo

    Application development

    For example, you can use the reservation system, which is connected with calendaring (email) and an identification system of the company.


  • Úspora - Future office photo Úspora - Future office photo


    Monitors and evaluates utilities: electricity, gas, and water-heat (steam pipeline).


  • Zabezpečení - Future office photo Zabezpečení - Future office photo


    Used with security systems; cameras, motion sensors, other inputs and booking systems, and others.


What can I control?

  • Topení - Future Office icon
  • Světo - Future Office icon
  • Žaluzie - Future Office icon
  • Detekce - Future Office icon
  • Měřič - Future Office icon
  • Přístupový systém - Future office icon
  • Osoba - Future office icon
  • Graf - Future office icon
Topení - Future Office icon
  • Dotekový - Future office icon
  • Lokalizace - Future office icon
  • Telefon - Future office icon
  • Vše vypnuto - Future office icon
  • Rezervační systém - Future office icon
  • Ventilace - Future office icon
  • HVAC - Future office icon
  • Vzduchový filtr - Future office icon


The air temperature is controlled based on a set of scenarios, the presence of people in the space and interaction with shading and ventilation systems. Thanks to this system it is possible to achieve savings in energy consumption and maximum comfort.

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