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  • Vzdálené ovládání - HOUSES photo Vzdálené ovládání - HOUSES photo

    Central and remote monitoring

    Whether you are at home or away, your home remains under the constant control of your smartphone.


  • Úspory - HOUSES photo Úspory - HOUSES photo


    By proper regulation of the temperature and linkage of home technologies, you can achieve substantial savings.


  • Automatizace - HOUSES photo Automatizace - HOUSES photo


    All functions take place in the background without bothering you. The system monitors, regulates, economizes and controls.

  • Bezpečnost - HOUSES photo Bezpečnost - HOUSES photo


    The built-in alarm not only watches for burglars, but also for gas leaks or fires. Besides this, it monitors basement heating, frozen rain spouts, or children via video cameras.


  • Komfort - HOUSES photo Komfort - HOUSES photo


    Control of light scenes with a single touch, the option of expanding and modifying what you want to control.

  • Design - HOUSES photo Design - HOUSES photo


    Glass touch controllers in white or black stand out in any interior.

What can I control?

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  • Spínání - HOUSES icon
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Every unit in the system contains a temperature input, and sends temperature information to the central unit. Setting the temperature is possible in the application, thermostat or EST. It is possible to regulate the electrical and water systems of heating, air-conditioning and heat pumps.


Before building our passive house, I had tried out several "intelligent" systems. I searched for a system that would be capable of controlling a heat pump, solar panels, fan coils and iNELS could do all this, and they later integrated my heat pump. Now the control works fully automatically, and I have a clear view of all sources of heating in a single application.



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